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Roofing Calculator Tool



**The roof estimate provided is not considered final. MX Roofing, LLC reserves the right to offer an official bid for your reroof project. Various factors, including but not limited to roof shape, roof pitch, number of stories, property accessibility, desired materials, and other considerations, will influence the final cost. The roofing calculator tool is intended solely to assist our customers in estimating the average cost of a roof and should not be considered as a definitive quote.. 

At MX Roofing, LLC, we prioritize transparency and education for our customers. Therefore, we aim to provide clarity on the factors influencing pricing in the roofing industry. It's important to understand that pricing can vary among roofing companies due to factors such as overhead expenses, labor costs, procurement strategies, and profit margins. Consequently, obtaining an accurate quote can be challenging. However, to assist you in estimating costs, we offer a complimentary roofing calculator tool. Simply input your home's square footage, select your preferred roof type, and hit calculate. While this tool provides an estimate, please note that the final pricing will be determined through an official bid from MX Roofing, LLC. Nonetheless, it serves as a valuable resource for understanding the potential costs of your roofing project.

Key Differences Between Metal & Shingle

Shingle Vs Metal
Peel & Stick Vs Synthetic Felt

Differences between cheap & expensive shingle roof Underlayment

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